Professional Services

EMPLOYMENT LAW COUNSELING  |  Bob and Lynn regularly counsel employers — including organizations of all sizes, whether public, private, non-profit and government — in employment law-related situations. Whether your organization needs to be guided through a tricky disciplinary or termination matter, or a thorny leave issues, Lynn and Bob provide practical, cost-effective guidance.

WORKPLACE INVESTIGATIONS  |  Lynn has conducted countless Independent, objective workplace investigations involving all types of alleged workplace misconduct. Lynn has been an active member of the Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI) — http://www.awi. org — since the organization’s inception over seven years ago and follows the AWI’s 11 Guiding Principles in conducting all workplace investigations. Lynn’s investigation skills have been highly praised, “I appreciate your thoroughness and incredible understanding (from a technology perspective)” and “Your report was outstanding and very helpful. We will call you again if we need your expertise!!”

POLICY & PROCEDURE DEVELOPMENT & REVIEW  |  Lynn and Bob are expert in developing and reviewing employers’ policies and procedures, including Employee Handbooks, No Retaliation, Internet and Email Usage Policies, Codes of Conduct, and cutting edge policies such as Social Media and BYOD Policies.

PREVENTIVE TRAINING  |  Lynn and Bob are expert in-person trainer, having created and conducted literally thousands of training sessions to all levels of organizations for the past 30 years. She is an engaging presenter and receives praise on her presentations from the “C Suite” down to the employee level. She specializes in unlawful harassment prevention train- ing (including California mandated Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors), all types of Diversity training, Workplace Violence Prevention Training, and training for managers, including Lawful Hiring, Performance Evaluations and Discipline and Discharge.

LABOR LAW  |  Bob has years of experience in successfully assisting employers with union-related issues, including complex collective bargaining agreements, opposing union organizing drives, decertification efforts, arbitration proceedings and representation before the NLRB and state labor agencies. He recently assisted a client in winning an NLRB election by a tally of 81-11, and another client in decertifying a long-standing union at much larger production facilities.

SENSITIVITY TRAINING  |  On occasion, employers might seek to retain an employee or manager accused of workplace wrongdoing. Lynn and Bob frequently provide personalized, one-on-one “sensitivity training” in these situations, meeting with the alleged wrongdoer personally and teaching them how their behavior is legally problematic. Such training is designed both to change the alleged wrongdoer’s future conduct, as well as to provide the employer with a “good faith” defense in potential litigation.

EXPERT WITNESS TESTIMONY  |  Lynn serves as an expert witness in a wide range of employment law- related matters, from sexual harassment to termination issues. Her experience as a veteran 30-year employment law attorney, as well as her straightforward approach, provide credibility and expertise for employers in critical and complex litigation.